As a kid,  I loved to play outdoors. On days when it rained, I'd seek solace in the biggest cushion and pillow fort that my mother would allow.  By the time I reached fifth grade, I was pretty good at getting my work done so, naturally, I entertained myself by bothering those around me.  My teacher sent me down the long, tan hallway to the library where the librarian put me to work. (Yes, we called them librarians back them.)  I quickly learned to bind books and properly shelve returns and, in no time, I found myself with time on my hands...bored again. That's when the librarian began recommending books for me to read. One of them was Roald Dahl's, JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH. As soon as I finished it, I made a promise to write a children's book...some day. 



Like most adventures, life took me on a different path. I got hooked on science and it quickly set a priority for my high school and college education. I earned my BS degree in Medical Technology from Michigan Technological University and found a husband at the same time.  We moved to Canada (his native land) but found out that the Canadian system wouldn't recognize my degree.  They wanted me to do the whole program over again! Well, that wasn't going to happen, eh?  So we returned to MTU where I earned my MS in Physiology Education. With teaching certificate in hand, I jumped into the world of academia teaching life science, biology, and chemistry in the public school system. 



When our two daughters were born, I suddenly remembered my fifth grade promise. Intimidated by a full book project, I started slowly with educational articles for publications like Good Apple, Highlights, Oasis, and Campus Life. Then life took a twist!  The editor of Good Apple magazine thought my article, DOT-TO-DOT STORIES (2000), would make a great teacher's book. She asked me to put together a proposal for their book publishing department and SHAZAM...I got my first published book!  Since then, it's been a rollercoaster but I'm proud of each book and magazine piece I've had the privilege of working on.